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Tax the rich, 2024 election

The health of our democracy began its decline with Reagan. Allthourgh I have been active in politics and voted in every election since I was 18, I didn't start writing until George the Second became president. Hindsight has shown me that even Democrats have helped us toward this critical place in time. I campaigned hard in the 2016 and 2018 elections. I started posting on The Daily Kos in 2017. On the cusp of Election 2022, I had to do more so I started a website to sell BlueWave2022 car magnets.

We are still fighting the same battles. If we lose, our democracy ends up in the dustbin of history.

Quality Apparel For Real Change

We as Democrats need to be more visible in our support for democracy and what we believe.

What better way to do that than giveing the gift of visibilty to those we love and care about?


Look at the variety of terrific items we have so you and your relatives and friends

can say what you think without opening your mouth!


We can create a Blue Wave in 2024 that will nudge the election in the direction we need it to go.

It is as simple as being more visible.

Blue   Wave    2024


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Tax the rich, 2024 election
Tax the rich, 2024 election
Tax the rich, 2024 election
Tax the rich, 2024 election

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Tax the rich, 2024 election

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