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Tax the Rich

Cosy Comforts: A Collection of Stylish Hoodies and Sweaters"

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Eat the Rich

Revolutionary Chic: Totes and Cotton Bags for the Anti-Capitalist, Queer, and Cottagecore Crusaders"

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I am just a guy. I did not start out to sell political merchandise online and have no idea how long I will do this. That depends on you. This project may be a bust and money down the drain. This is not for the money; it is for the change it can make.  

We are at the most severe and dangerous crossroads in the history of homo sapiens. Climate change continues to bear down on us, threatening to drive us into extinction. Extreme weather events will continue and increase. Rising temperatures are causing increased conflicts around the world. Look at the conflicts in Ukraine, Yemen, and Ethiopia to name a few. If allowed to continue unabated, extreme weather events will eventually destroy civilization or rising temperatures will antagonize someone enough to start a nuclear war. Both outcomes are catastrophic; we have extraordinarily little time to change our direction.  

America is positioned to lead the world in the right direction. To become the change we need, we must make our government function again.  

A substantial portion of Americans have actively weakened our democracy. It could disappear permanently at the next election. We Democrats, with our many imperfections, are the last best hope to save our democracy and, thereby, our civilization, our species. 

To mitigate climate change and save American democracy will require a blue wave of voters at the next election…   and the next… and the one after that. We need to increase Democratic majorities in both houses to blunt the influence of greed and meaningfully tackle the threat of our looming extinction. 

I have never had an online store and have no idea what I am doing. This site, these car magnets, are about creating that blue wave. I am in the trenches until daylight or death arrives. 

We can make this happen. If enough Americans believe a blue wave is coming in 2024, it will. 

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